Vision & mission


To become a premier institution of intellectual excellence engaged in the pursuit of learning and scholarship on issues relevant to Bangladesh from the perspective of the social sciences and the humanities.


The Foundation will be dedicated to accomplishing the following:

  • To encourage and facilitate appropriate research on socio-political issues that are relevant to Bangladesh.
  • To develop research facilities, including a library and ancillary resources, in order to help scholars in their academic endeavors.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences that address the challenges and opportunities facing contemporary Bangladesh in an objective and non-partisan environment.
  • To sponsor research though providing funding opportunities and support for worthwhile projects.
  • To establish a regular schedule of publications (both through the electronic and print technologies where appropriate) of materials produced through the auspices of the center.
  • To build partnerships and cooperative arrangements with other institutions to pursue shared objectives and interests.
  • To disseminate the ideas and ideals of Professor Abdur Razzaq (that inform and encourage our core values) to as wide an audience as possible.