Message from the DG

Please let me extend a very warm welcome to all visitors to the Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Foundation web site.  The Foundation was formed in 2002 and was named after National Professor Abdur Razzaq, a legendary educator and an inspirational mentor to legions of Dhaka University students.  It was dedicated to the proposition, which eventually became its vision statement, that it will seek “to become a premier institution of intellectual excellence engaged in the pursuit of learning and scholarship on issues relevant to Bangladesh from the perspective of the social sciences, arts and the humanities”.

The Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Bidyapeeth came into existence in 2015 to become a library initially built around his rich and eclectic personal collection, but is being augmented with subscriptions to current magazines and journals, addition of new books, and the incorporation of contemporary technological assets.  While membership to the Bidyapeeth is required, all its services are available free of cost.

The Foundation expects to contribute to creating a more enlightened intellectual environment in the country, to encouraging research and scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities, and to providing the resources, as well as a welcoming milieu, for those seeking knowledge, scholarly companionship, and diversity of opinion and perspective.

We are resolutely and self-consciously non-partisan, we have no “ideological” orientations (in fact, we believe that all points of view have a right to be presented), and we have no agenda other than a commitment to the notions of liberal democracy, economic prosperity, and social justice for Bangladesh.

We earnestly hope that we will be able to serve your intellectual needs in some way, and that you will remain involved in our scholarly objectives and initiatives.

Thank you.