Core values

The Foundation will try to embrace and project the following set of principles:

  1. Liberal Humanism (which include Enlightenment ideals such as) :

-individualism and faith in the value of all human beings;

-rationalism and the primacy of reason and the scientific method;

-optimism about human nature;

-belief in intellectual and social progress;

-commitment to a secular framework of analysis and explanation

-celebration of freedom as fundamental to human agency and identity;

  1. Democratic governance with emphasis on:

-free, fair and regular elections
-governmental accountability and transparency
-civil liberties and human rights
-upholding the dignity of the individual regardless of gender, religion, language, ethnic identity, sexual orientation or physical disability.
-the establishment of the rule of law in order to ensure justice
-peaceful resolution of all conflicts
-the construction of a shared political space which accommodates different, at times contrary, opinions, interests and groups.

  1. Inclusive and equitable growth which ensures that the fruits of economic development are enjoyed by the majority of the people and not limited to the benefit of a privileged few, and which emphasizes the improvement in the quality of life for the people rather than remain fixated on gross economic indicators.
  2. Ethical decision making by all citizens as well as by all public and private institutions.
  3. Sustainable development through proper respect for the wisdom of the people and the integration of the three essential resources that has defined Bangladeshi history and will continue to shape its future (its land, people and rivers)
  4. Intellectual rigor and objectivity in all scholarly endeavors.
  5. Broad-based and relevant education for all with particular emphasis on teaching the young and the underprivileged.

Aesthetic sensibility which encourages the understanding and appreciation of cultural and artistic products that both reflect and shape the identity, heritage and the political consciousness of the Bengali people.