Quotations of Abdur Razzaq

“Progressive politics is politics which helps broadening the base of power. We don’t have yet a society anywhere in the world which bases its power structure so that the entire population may claim to have an equal share in the exercise of it.” “The most abiding product of the genius of a people, its language, is neither the product of labour in isolation or unshared by other people.”

“The state of the nation, the surface view of it, is what the articulate gives it out to be. The spokesman is the intellectual, the intelligentsia, the educated class.”

“We are, of course, all of us, determined to do only what is good for the people – on both sides of the barricade.”

“The business of policy makers in government or outside is to take note of the unmistakable wishes of the people and act on it and not to deliver homilies on the merit of Arcadian paradise.”

“The state of the nation, the quality of it, is in the recognition and continuance of the struggle. The nation that has no struggle to carry on either because it finds the odds against itself too heavy or because it believes itself to have arrived at the millennia has written itself off history.”

“Each revolutionary, whatever his revolution may be about, will inevitably be treated, at best with contemptuous indifference by the revolutionary of the next generation.