Unpublished Ph.D. Lecture Series

Abstracts are invited from the researchers in the prescribed form for the Unpublished Ph.D. Lecture Series, First Phase (November 2018-October 2019).



A number of Ph.D. degrees awarded every year by the universities at home and abroad in the social sciences and the humanities on issues relating to Bangladesh remain unpublished or partially published. This lecture series aims to bring these scholars and their research into the realm of public debate and dialogue to promote the culture of knowledge creation and dissemination.



The Ph.D. dissertation must be unpublished (as a book).

The subject matter of the Ph.D. dissertation must be relevant to the areas of the social sciences and the humanities about issues relating to Bangladesh. Ph.Ds. awarded by any university of home and abroad will be considered.

Every month a scholar will present an academic article based on his or her unpublished Ph.D. dissertation.

Length of the article: 4000-5000 words.

Limit of the lecture: 50 minutes (with time for questions, answers, and discussions).

The article must be submitted at least 2 weeks (14 days) before the date of the lecture.

Articles written in either English or Bangla will be considered, though presentations in the latter (or a mix of English and Bangla) may be preferred for reaching a wider audience.

An honorarium will be paid to every lecturer.

It is expected the lectures will be published in the form of an anthology.


Abstract Submission

Interested researchers have to apply along with an abstract (200-300 words) of the unpublished Ph.D. dissertation. The topic of the dissertation, the name of the Ph.D. awarding institution, the date of the degree award and the current position of the applicant must be mentioned in the application.

The prospective lecturers will be selected by a panel of scholars based on the merit of the applications, and the relevance of the topic to the interests and engagements of the GARF. The date of the lecture will be discussed with the presenter and finalized in consultation with him or her. At that time the presenter will also be formally invited to submit the written lecture within a specific date.


Deadline for Application

The last date for application and abstract submission is 22 October 2018.



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